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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Never Thought my Heart Could Stretch Atlantic-Ocean-Wide

Depressing, right? PostSecret can be like that. It's not that you or I really care that this group of strangers didn't stay in touch after what looks like a memorable camping trip. It's that when you or I look at this picture with its caption, we probably see a different group, one with familiar faces, and know that



This may seem redundant; most of my "deep thought" posts are about loving people and missing people and really appreciating people and being fascinated by people. That is the bulk of what I think about that compels me to write anything.

I'm watching Planet Earth: Mountains on DiscoveryHD, and (as usual) it gives me "itchy feet": makes me want to really SEE these places. But the places don't come without the people. They shouldn't. Any place I go (and eventually leave) I pick up a true heart friend. Seriously,




They latch onto my heart like a snowball of amazing people, except they're never all in the same place at one time. It can be cause for great discontentment, but also for really exciting and fulfilling phone calls.

So when "Unknown Number" blinked at me on Thursday afternoon, I figured it was Rachel. I'd called her a few minutes before. In fact, when I answered, the person on the other end said, "Katie, it's Rachael!"...except it was in an English accent. Different girl, different place, but it was the same heart-ache happiness of hearing a long-missed voice.

And I love that. It doesn't suck.

The people who are really meant to stick around



And that's always surprising and completely beyond expectations.



  • Planet earth. You've gotta love those.

    Sometimes I get a little depressed thinking about those "friends" that I used to be good friends with. Then I feel guilty for letting our friendship slip. But then I thought about it... if I maintained a completely functioning friendship which includes things like hanging out a whole bunch, long phone conversations, random road trips, lots of laughs and tears, yada yada I would have no time to do anything else. In fact I would have negative time which would be impossible. So I agree with what you said about friendships that are meant to last



    Love you!

    By Blogger Jenna, At September 7, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

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