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Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh, Hope!

Heard Two Seconds Away's song of the week yet?

They covered "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. Possibly embarrassing confession: I'd never heard it before. I YouTubed the original before listening to Tim and Patrick's, which I then put on repeat while doing other things.

I must have listened to it seven times through before I realized why it made me feel a little sad. The story it tells is more-or-less parallel to Revolutionary Road: love breeds hope in a vague "something" better, and the heartbreaking emptiness when that hope is shattered.

My lovely neighbor Emily hated that movie: "After I watched it, I really thought, 'Should I go kill myself?'" I finally watched it (with a guy who really makes me smile), and found Emily's label of [MOST DEPRESSING MOVIE EVER] to be not far off the mark. It is unbearably sad.

But, like "Fast Cars", it's also heavily beautiful.

In terms of art, both pieces powerfully speak of hopelessness... and as depressing as that is, it resonates with us. There's something very real about it, something we understand.

That's what made the response to my Intimacy Among Strangers video so compelling: I kept hearing about hope being restored through those ideas. To everyone who watched it, I wish they knew how I had such hope to share in the first place. I hope their increased hopes are in things that will not shatter.

...hope is such a dangerous thing. It's reaching beyond what you can see, making every part of your life vulnerable. From what we can perceive, it's so incomplete, but still makes us feel full.

Be careful embracing such a paradox. If you feel so much that things are going to get better, good! "Let's start at ridiculous and work backwards." When you're reaching beyond yourself, reach towards what lasts. That's how I do this life thing, and why I can't do any of it without Christ.

♫I've seen enough to know that You're my only hope - I don't want to go if You're not with me

That's all I can really say.



  • So glad you listened to the original! One of my favorite sad-but-lovely songs. It's okay though, Lilly hadn't heard it before either until I played twosecondsaway's version for her at work today! :)

    By Blogger allisonnicole, At July 6, 2009 at 7:09 PM  

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