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Friday, September 18, 2009

My own '90s party.

It may not be the most obvious thing about me, but yes: I did grow up on a corn farm in Indiana.

Well, it depends on what time frame you consider "growing up". And it wasn't our corn farm. But we're from here, and it's funny to see what things have changed in this town since we left in '96.

My cousins were smaller (so was their house). I got in town last night and tossed my stuff in Tony's room/Greg's place. Stacey offered to take me to McDonald's, so we hopped in her car and launched into a fiercely hilarious debate about how my 3-sibling boy band was better than hers... and finally agreed that we'd both pay money to actually see that dance battle. Wait... Stacey drives?!

Our church was smaller. It was a sanctuary and a few classrooms where I had preschool with Mrs. Verostko, and the youth group met in a trailer out back. I came up to the church with my aunt after lunch. She works in the new office next to the new foyer, which looks like a trendy coffee shop with high tables and wi-fi. Off to the side, there's the new youth room which looks like a trendy coffee shop with high tables and wi-fi... and an artsy wall rack full of old Jesus-pop CDs to be ripped. Oh, hey Delirious?. They sell books now too, so I probably won't get very far through the Wadi Rum today before Kelly comes here after school. Kelly... high school?!

And I'll never get tired of being updated about who works here at the church now, and being able to reply, "Yeah, that's my aunt/cousin/otherwise distant family." On top of that, I did get to catch up with Mrs. Verostko just now. She still teaches in those same classrooms.

Even though I see everyone here less than most of my acquaintances, there's never any awkwardness. It's the deepest level of comfort and familiarity. The trees are all bigger too, and I probably won't actually get to climb any while I'm here, but they're the same trees. All of this subtle growth and change happens constantly, but everything's still so familiar. It's nice.

So you guys can Hammer it up at that dance party all weekend if you want to... but this is where I experienced the '90s in all its Nickelodeon glory. Can't touch that.

I just had a thought that I could probably go catch up with my cousin Kyle this afternoon.

He lives in the house out back.



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