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Monday, June 8, 2009

Brought to you by Peters Clothier

You think a town like Overland Park would have more places with free wifi open after 8pm. That lameness (plus the church's VBS-only mode) has landed me in the parking lot of a clothing store. Why would a fancy clothing store have unprotected wifi? For me to sit in front of it at 10:30pm.

I meant to actually sit and think through a list of deep, thought-provoking ideas, and hopefully put them here in the form of literary beauty that would stir your heart to worship. Or maybe just make you smile.

I can't think in parking lots so well, so this is all I've got for now. Those big things are still on my mind, and they'll be here eventually, but for now I'm just reading through old Facebook notes. Hah.

This is great.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I Heart thesixtyone

Check out this piece of brilliance from Matthew Bridgman, one of the many underrated talents on this gem of a music experience:

"99.9% of my music is inspired by metaphor, by the feeling that everything is connected. Writing lyrics, for me, is like following the stitches on a baseball. No, I don't spend much of my time doing exactly that; allow me the illustration. At first glance, it's not apparent that the stitches connect at all, but as you follow them, you begin to get that feeling of "I think I've been here before". Not in a ho-hum, disenchanting sort of way, but in a way that feels like coming home - all within an idea. And if that one idea should happen to be True (that is, free of denial, pretense, or prejudiced fabrication) it hovers at the port of eternity, waiting to take you deeper into the sphere of that which is Universally True."

He goes on to say that if you aren't completely lost by that, "we should hang out more often."

Um... yes please. And if I hung out with Mr. Bridgman, I'd tell him that this hovering "at the port of eternity" is truer than he knows. Creation echos its creator, bears the mark of the hands that formed it, imitates it in character. That familiar feeling is your true home.

Maybe he does get that. If so, I hope he keeps sharing that Truth.

And once you DO sign up for thesixtyone, make sure you say that you were referred by LetterZ.