Katie Go Now!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Tribute: Part 1

I never sleep late!

Today was a fluke, I tell you. 1:15pm and I roll out of bed like I was up til 4 watching The Reader. (That might explain it...) And since Michelle is in town, I thought, "It's pancake time." That's what we do.

Two purple sticky notes greeted me. One said "Pancakes in the micro."

The other one (on the micro) said "Small: banana, Large: plain"

My heart melted like sweet cream unsalted butter. This is about the 6th time my beautifully precious roommate Katie has hacked into my brain and known what I wanted/needed and done it.

Breakfast when I'm sick!

Coffee when I'm burnt out!

Ride to class when I'm late!

Comfort when I'm upset!

Shares her food!

And her printer!

And her life!

I absolutely adore this roommate girl. She makes my life so so good.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ok, I'm going now!

Hey friend,

After one of the most stressful days this semester, I was hanging with a sweet girl who (for no apparent reason) said, "You should start a blog."

I had a blog once. Remember Xanga? I had two. In the Maize class of '05, that means I was cool.

Not really. I was never cool at Maize. No further references to that school will be made here.

I might regret it in the morning, but I did name my blog after that game. Diana, this is your fault. Most ridiculous/incomprehensible/hilarious things in my life are your fault. Little more can be expected from someone whose cockroach allergies were discovered by Dr. Frick. I mean, really?

On top of that, these posts will probably have a likening to the words that come out of my mouth when I'm commanded to speak mid-laughter. Add that to the likelihood of late-night, post-homework, deep-style contemplations, and this could get interesting enough to read.

I should have done this in France when my everyday routine was worth talking about.

Stick around anyway!